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О питомнике

Kennel BAIKALSKIY TALISMAN registered in 2002 as FCI affix, owner Igor Vyguzov.

Kennel history:

History of the kennel starts many years ago, my parents have dogs and since my birth I was involved in great hobby which became my life as well.  Family had breed and owned for long time - dobermann & grate danes. In 1998 by my wish we add in family shar pei and it was real my personal professional start. With my shar pei I did travel many shows and be handler & owner for him. He has great career and became multi champion, his blood lines consider in many famous dogs and really was start up for breed in Siberia, Russia.

In 2002 kennel name was registered in FCI -RKF as affix Baikalskiy Talisman.

Since my professional start with affix Baikalskiy Talisman we bred & owned: shar peis, pugs, griffons, french bulldogs, caucasian sheperd dog, saint bernard, zvergpincher, shih tzu, yorkshire terrier, afghan hound. 

With affix Baikalskiy Talisman in kennel was born more than 70 show champions.


Kennel owners:

Mr. Igor Vyguzov - CV 

All breeds FCI judge (all round judge) 

Professional medical university education (doctor of medicine), with second university education - management of organisation. 

Since 2002 owner of the kennel Baikalskiy Talisman (FCI affix) 

Parents had dogs all life and I start my life with dobermanns & great danes.

Personal career start in dogs world as owner & handler since 1998 with first shar pei in kennel, which in future became multi champion. For the long time was present as handler many breeds at the different shows. Today at home lives pug & french bulldog.

Since 2003 FCI judge.

Since 2005 president of all breeds kennel club in Irkutsk, Russia.

Since 2009 president of Moscow Kennel Club (all breeds non profit organisation)

For 5 years term president of Russian Shih tzu club, vice president of Russian Shar pei club.

Since 2017 vice president of European Federation of Shar Pei Clubs (EFSPC) & chairman judges & shows comissions of the federation.

For long time chairman of dog shows in Irkutsk and Moscow, Russia.

Specialist in toy-breeds group, pincher and schnauzer & molossoid group, yorkshire terriers, retrievers.

Junior Handling School chairman & education programs author about Junior Handling Competition.

Take part in education programs for new judges, organisation seminars for special cynological disciplines & handling


Have been judged shows in: Russia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Slovakia, Israel, Finland, Latvia, Cyprus, Poland, Montenegro, Estonia, Croatia, Lithuania, Belorussia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Portugal, Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Hungary, Sweden, Indonesia, Iceland, India, Nederland, Slovenia, Colombia, Serbia, Canada, Denmark, Romania


In 2016 had honor to choose Best in Group 9 at European Dog Show in Brussels and Best Junior Handler. 

I’d been invited for judging World Dog Show 2018 in Amsterdam, Holland & European Dog Show 2020 in Slovenia.

Dogs is my love, my passion and judging is the best hobby for me, which I am doing with my heart only. 

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